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  • Performance & Strength

Why / Advantages: Crystallized glycine of high nutritional quality obtained by plant fermentation. As you know, amino acids are part of organic (or carboxylic) acids having an amine group (generally N + CH or NH). Among the more than 500 amino acids found in nature, only 22 of them are used by our body and recognized by our genetic code. These are classified as essential, non-essential or sometimes semi-essential amino acids. Structurally, the first of them is Glycine because it is also the simplest of the amino acids. Glycine has multiple roles at the metabolic level.

Energy value: 100gr = 400kcal

Nutritional values: per 100gr = Proteins 0gr / Lipids 0gr / Carbohydrates 0gr

Use / Dosage: 10gr/day

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