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For whom:

  • Performance & Strength
  • Weight loss
  • Health & Well-being

Why / Advantages: Should we still present the advantages of consuming sweet potato flour? The ideal breakfast for all athletes or people concerned about their figure, combining a gourmet breakfast but not only... complete your protein shaker with 50g of flour and you will have the best whey. In cakes, it will replace any flour. In addition it has a moderate glycemic index (50), particularly rich in vitamins A and B6, copper, manganese and high antioxidant power which gives virtues in cancer, moreover it is a basifying food (-8, 19 on the Pral index) which is very rare for a starchy food. But do you know why it’s the tastiest on the market? Already because it is a variety of white-skinned sweet potato among more than 500 varieties (all colors combined) Yam Nutrition has discovered THE good one.

Ingredients: Dehydrated sweet potato powder, vitamins C, PP, E, pantothenic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 folic acid, biocide.

Energy value: 100gr = 345Kcal

Nutritional values: per 100gr = Protein 6.40gr / Carbohydrates 84gr / Fats 0.5gr / Fiber 9gr


  • As a pancake: Mix 50g of sweet potato with 3 whole eggs and cook in a pan.
  • In a shaker: Add 50g of sweet potato flour to a dose of protein powder such as whey.
  • In cakes: Replace any flour with sweet potato flour for your recipes.

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