SUPERMAG (capsules)

SUPERMAG (capsules)

Yam Nutrition

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For whom:

  • Performance & Strength
  • Health & Well-being

Why / Advantages: Food supplement based on magnesium bisglycinate with 20% magnesium, taurine, vitamin B6 and without nanoparticles. Sedentary or athletic, sports enthusiasts and professionals, magnesium deficiencies are not rare. Indeed, magnesium, like other minerals and electrolytes (calcium, potassium, sodium, etc.) must be supplied to the body sufficiently every day. As bodybuilding practitioners do not always know, it is calcium which will initiate muscle contraction while magnesium will slow down the release of calcium in the muscle fibers, allowing them to relax. Magnesium is also necessary for energy metabolism and reducing fatigue.

Nutritional values: per daily dose of 3 capsules = Magnesium 300mg / Taurine 450mg / Vitamin B6 0.75mg

Usage: 3 capsules per day with water (15 to 20 cl) in the evening before bed or with a meal

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