The proteins

Les protéines

Protein powder is not a doping product. But beware this is not a product miracle to become super muscular or dry you in 3 weeks!

Protein powders are the same proteins that you find in your diet natural. Consuming it is therefore not an obligation but it can have advantages! So at what is it for, why take it or not, in which situations I take it, how to take it !

What are proteins used for?

Protein is a nutrient in your food, just like carbohydrates and lipids (your food also contains fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc.). The Your first source of protein is your diet! You find it in large quantities in meat, fish, cereals, etc.

Proteins, real "building elements" enter into the composition of all tissues bodily: muscles, but also skin, nails and hair, cartilage and bones, the walls of blood vessels… They are also present in the blood, hormones, enzymes and antibodies… In short, in the body, they are involved in many functions vital biological …

Protein consumption associated with training plays a major role in the development and maintenance of muscle mass, NB: When we train we break fiber muscular (aches) so it must be rebuilt.

Why take protein powder?

So why take protein powder since we already find it in our diet? Well, it really is a matter of choice! That you take a packet of turkey ham or a shaker of protein powder, in the end, it's almost the same for our body! What The main thing is to consume enough during the day.

In general, for athletes, it is considered that it is necessary every day between 1.5 and 2 grams per pounds you weigh.So if you are 60 kg and you are athletic, you need...? 120 g/day!

To give you an example of comparison, for 100g, there is:

  • 12.5 g of protein
    in cottage cheese 0%
  • 22 gr in the ham
  • 21 gr in the chicken fillet
  • 70 to 90 g for
    protein powder

So it's really interesting! A 30 g protein shaker will therefore provide you with approximately as much protein as a packet of ham or 600gr of 0% cottage cheese! It is therefore above all for practical reasons that we take protein powder!

In what situations do I take protein powder?

It is often easier to make a shaker with a dose of protein powder in the locker room than eating a package of turkey ham or egg whites that we have carried around all day in his bag!

Hydrolyzed Casein

Why Hydrolyzed Casein?

Peptopro is the protein of the future because it does not require any digestive effort. it strongly stimulates protein synthesis during training, which makes it a product quite unique and effective. It can quickly repair and strengthen muscle fibers and other part will replenish glycogen stores a third of the time faster than without the contribution of these high quality di and tri peptides

Very effective during diets to reduce muscle wasting, but also for mass gain to increase lean body mass (muscle).

Benefits of Hydrolyzed Casein:

  • Increases anabolism by 50%.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Reduces muscle catabolism.
  • Rapidly increases recovery.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue, soreness and increases endurance.
  • Instantly provides amino acids in the form of bi and tri peptides.
  • Increases protein synthesis during and after exercise.
  • Increases training performance.

Not to mention that mixing with water it will remain smooth and offers all its aroma.

Inspired and developed by athletes.