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Why is breakfast important for our health?

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, as it follows an 8-12 hour fasting period (at night). It must therefore be copious enough to meet our energy needs for the first part of the day to give us the strength to last until lunch. Thus, the absence of breakfast can manifest itself in a state of fatigue or even trouble concentrating, as we will see in the next point.

The benefits of breakfast:

  • It improves concentration and memory.
    During the night, the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood drops, our organs (especially the organs that can only function with glucose as fuel – example : the brain) then function less well because they do not receive enough energy to be able to function properly, which is why we lack energy in the morning.
    Studies show that children who eat breakfast before bed at school are in better mental shape during the morning: their memory is better, their creativity or even their concentration is also improved, unlike children who do not eat breakfast who then show more problems with concentration or memorization.(This observation is also valid for adults: eating breakfast allows you to be more productive in the morning)
    Eating breakfast therefore allows you to give us the "strength" necessary to attack the morning – enabling us to think clearly, learn or even work.
  • Less risk of deficiencies.
    Breakfast is an opportunity for your body to receive essential nutrients for your body to function. People who skip breakfast will have a greater risk of long-term deficiencies, especially if their diet for the rest of the day is unbalanced
  • It prevents snacking.
    If you start the day on an empty stomach, you will probably feel a little peckish during the morning which may distract you or even push you to snack.
    However, lack of bowl, the things we snack on outside of meals are often the least balanced: pastries, biscuits, cereal bars, etc. The latter are, in fact, often stuffed with sugars and fats: nothing interesting for your body in the long term.
  • It prevents weight gain.
    Some claim that skipping breakfast can help you lose weight. Think again!
    Numerous studies have been carried out on the subject and the conclusions are astonishing: people who do not eat in the morning, on the contrary, have much more difficulty controlling their weight. The study carried out by The American Journal of Epidemiology thus shows that people who skip breakfast are those who are more affected by overweight or obesity.
    These results could be explained, among other things, by the fact that n Having not satisfied their morning hunger, these people are more likely to snack and eat more calorie-dense meals or snacks to compensate for their hunger at the next meal.
  • It stimulates the metabolism.
    Another benefit of breakfast: did you know that eating a good breakfast in the morning can stimulate the body's metabolism? This first meal of the day gives the signal to the body to burn calories, thus avoiding the storage of fat and massive weight gain.
    Another point that would confirm that eating breakfast would stabilize your weight and no to take it!
  • It allows you to eat healthier.

Eating breakfast is one of the attitudes to have in order to have a balanced diet. It allows you to have a structured diet with meals taken at regular times

Starting from there and after having listed all the importance of breakfast, we have all the arguments to make you appreciate breakfast and even want to get up: Do you know sweet potato flour and its benefits?