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Why / Advantages: Whey Isolate Premium is a 90% whey protein isolate of very high nutritional quality with a reduced lactose content (less than 1%). Origin Ireland (Volac® ultraWhey XP Instant). 100% whey proteins isolated by cross-flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration. A whey isolate made from fresh cows' milk (native protein) that has not been treated with hormones or antibiotics. No GMO, no Xanthan gum, Carrageenan or palm oil.
Volac® protein was developed by an Irish family business. Dairy protein from farm cows, it is today a world reference for whey proteins. Located near Cambridge, the manufacturers have also invested their entire budget in a Whey Protein Isolate manufacturing plant in Felinfach, Wales.
A native, high-end whey protein, manufactured by microfiltration crossed. Volac® ultraWhey XP Instant Whey Isolate is unique in terms of taste, texture, mixability and aroma. Volactive UltraWhey XP enjoys a particular reputation. It is recognized for its purity, its richness in amino acids and peptides thanks to ultra-modern unique membrane filtration techniques. The difference in taste, aroma, homogeneity and assimilation makes it one of the best whey isolate protein powders on the world market today.

Energy value: 100gr = 358kcal

Nutritional values: per 100gr = Protein 86gr / Carbohydrates (including sugars) 0.5gr (0.5gr) / Lipid (including saturated) 0.3gr (0.3gr)

Amino acid profile: per 100gr = L-ASPARTIC ACID 11.00gr / L-GLUTAMIC ACID 18.10gr / GLYCINE 1.40gr / L-ALANINE 5.00gr / L-ARGININE 2.10gr / L-CYSTEINE 2.20 gr / L-PHENYLALANINE 3.00gr / L-ISOLEUCINE 6.40gr / L-HISTIDINE 1.70gr / L-LEUCINE 10.60gr / L-LYSINE 9.60gr / L-METHIONINE 2.20gr / L-PROLINE 5.50gr / L-SERINE 4.60 gr / L-TYROSINE 2.60gr / L-TREONINE 6.70gr / L-TYIPTOPHANE 1.40gr / L-VALINE 5.90gr

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