Whey Isolate Premium

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Why / Benefits: Whey Isolate Premium is a 90% whey protein isolate of very high nutritional quality with a reduced lactose content (less than 1%). Origin Ireland (Volac® ultraWhey XP Instant). 100% whey protein isolated by cross-flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration. A whey isolate made from fresh cows milk (native protein) that has not been treated with hormones or antibiotics. Free of GMOs, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan and Palm Oil.
Volac® protein was developed by an Irish family business. Dairy protein from farm cows, it is now a world reference for whey protein. Located near Cambridge, the manufacturers have invested their entire budget in a Whey Protein Isolate manufacturing plant in Felinfach, Wales.
A native and high-end whey protein, manufactured by microfiltration crossed. Volac® ultraWhey XP Instant whey isolate is unique in taste, texture, mixability and aroma. Volactive UltraWhey XP enjoys a special reputation. It is recognized for its purity, its richness in amino acids and peptides thanks to ultramodern techniques of unique membrane filtration. The difference in taste, aroma, homogeneity and assimilation makes it one of the best whey isolate protein powders on the world market today.

Energy value: 100gr = 358kcal

Nutritional values: for 100gr = Protein 86gr / Carbohydrates (including sugars) 0.5gr (0.5gr) / Lipid (including saturated) 0.3gr (0.3gr)

Amino acid profile: for 100gr = L-ASPARTIC ACID 11.00gr / L-GLUTAMIC ACID 18.10gr / GLYCINE 1.40gr / L-ALANINE 5.00gr / L-ARGININE 2.10gr / L-CYSTEINE 2.20 gr / L-PHENYLALANINE 3.00gr / L-ISOLEUCINE 6.40gr / L-HISTIDINE 1.70gr / L-LEUCINE 10.60gr / L-LYSINE 9.60gr / L-METHIONINE 2.20gr / L-PROLINE 5.50gr / L-SERINE 4.60 g / L-TYROSINE 2.60 g / L-TREONINE 6.70 g / L-TYIPTOPHANE 1.40 g / L-VALINE 5.90 g

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