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For whom:

  • Performance & Strength
  • Health & Wellness

Why / Benefits: Brennos energy bars are 100% vegan, organic, raw, paleo, gluten-free and artificial ingredients free. They are produced by hand in the rules of craftsmanship. Their nutritional balance is unique on the market, with 20% vegetable protein, superfoods and a low rate of carbohydrates, and therefore sugar.

In the range of Brennos bars (the Boost bar, the Keto , Recover and Wellness), you will find your ideal protein bar according to your taste preferences and your activity.

Use: for mass gain, strength training, endurance training or even for a balanced snack.

Rose - Pistachio:
Ingredients: Dried fruits* (apricots*, figs*), brown rice protein*, syrup maple*, pumpkin seeds*, sunflower seeds*, almond puree*, pistachio puree, pistachios *, Rose essential oil* (* = ingredients from organic farming).
Energy value: per bar (58gr) = 207kcal
Nutritional values: per bar (58gr) = Protein 15gr / Lipids 7gr (of which saturated 1gr, of which unsaturated 6gr) / Carbohydrates 20.5gr (of which sugars 18gr) / Fiber 3gr / Sodium 12mg

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