Sweet potato

Patate douce

The sweet potato, contrary to what one might think, does not belong to the apple family earthen. Its glycemic index is moderate (50). It is particularly rich in vitamins A and B6, copper, manganese and a high antioxidant power which gives it anti cancer. It is a basifying food (-8.19 on the Pral index), which is rare for a starchy food.

You will have understood that the sweet potato is the preferred food for athletes and in especially for athletes who want to keep a low fat mass rate.

Powdered sweet potato is all the benefits of sweet potatoes, without the hassle, no more puree, peel or cook them.

Mix your protein shake or even mix with eggs to make a patty and you have a ready-made, high-nutrition and natural source of carbohydrates.

Sweet potatoes, and especially white-fleshed sweet potatoes, are recommended for people with diabetes to stabilize their insulin levels This is the protein named arabinogalactan which would have antidiabetic properties. Furthermore, researchers from CIP highlighted the role of sweet potato in the prevention of diabetes and hypertension in due to its richness in vitamins and minerals.


  • In Pancake:
    mix 50gr of sweet potato with 3 whole organic eggs and cook in a non-stick pan.
  • In Shaker:
    mix 50gr of sweet potato with a dose of protein powder like whey.
  • In Cakes:
    substitute any flour with sweet potato powder for your recipes.

It only remains for us to wish you a good appetite!